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Providing Wall Murals, Team Building, Live Art & Marketing Solutions Internationally

  • We are Graffiti Life

    We are Graffiti Life

  • Halo wall mural

    Halo wall mural

  • Team building in Rome

    Team building in Rome

  • Interactive wall murals

    Interactive wall murals

  • Advertising mural for Gymbox

    Advertising mural for Gymbox

  • Wall Murals for Rihanna's 'Styled to Rock' TV Show

    Wall Murals for Rihanna's 'Styled to Rock' TV Show

  • Live performance painting

    Live performance painting

  • Advertising wrap mural for Argon Magazine

    Advertising wrap mural for Argon Magazine

  • Creative mural for Disney XD

    Creative mural for Disney XD

  • Live Art

    Live Art

  • Graffiti Team Building

    Graffiti Team Building

  • Handpainted advertising for Phoenix

    Handpainted advertising for Phoenix

  • Hand-painted Backdrops

    Hand-painted Backdrops


We are Graffiti Life – Professional graffiti and street artists for hire across the UK and beyond.

We’re proud to have carved our niche as the country’s number one creative force offering the finest graffiti and street art services, with a fresh perspective on every project. We’ve had the pleasure of working with an impressive client list and offer something you simply cannot find elsewhere. We work internationally and regularly assist big brands in delivering their message in a unique and modern way. Our artists and project managers are directly in sync with one another and we have extensive expertise and experience in delivering commercial graffiti  and street art projects from diverse briefs.

We’ve got it covered..

Our elite team has the knowledge to ensure that every detail of an assignment is meticulously covered. We offer flexible, up to date solutions and the guarantee of fast terms of execution, we are creative, professional and have become well known through the quality of our services. Our multi-disciplined graffiti artists are the finest wall mural painters in the UK and can re-create any image onto any surface. Our artwork is universally respected and coupled with our unparalleled customer service and professional approach to each project, we regularly exceed expectations!

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GALLERY LOGO Graffiti Life | Graffiti & Street Art

Front Graffiti Life | Graffiti & Street Art

Did we mention we have a street art gallery? The Graffiti Life Gallery is an independent, artist-run gallery located in the heart of London’s East End. The gallery serves solely to support and display works from individuals with backgrounds in graffiti and street art.

Find out more information on our gallery by clicking below or visiting

What we’ve been up to..

Footlocker Week of Greatness

The FootLocker ‘Week of Greatness’ is upon us, and we are super proud to have been asked to help the brand with the graffiti section of the campaign. The Week of Greatness is all about facing challenges whilst producing something great, overcoming the odds in…

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Canon ‘Capture The Night’ with Graffiti Life

We’re the iPhone generation, with a decent camera in our pockets at all times it’s easy to forget the quality of a good DSLR. We teamed up with Canon to show creatives the advantages of owning a ‘proper’ camera. Ely’s Yard within the Truman Brewary…

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Exterior Mural | Uniqlo X Graffiti Life

So last week we told you about our partnership with Uniqlo, we’ve since thoroughly put their Heattech range to the test whilst painting a large wall mural in Shoreditch, East London. Uniqlo wanted people that frequently work outside to try their products and have also…

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The Graffiti Life Gallery’s ‘Winter Showcase’

The Winter Showcase launched last week at The Graffiti Life Gallery, displaying four incredible artists who are internationally known for their super styles and top notch craftsmanship; a sought after combination that never fails to impress. Lots of people made their way to the Private…

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Uniqlo X Graffiti Life

It’s getting cold out. Not just a bit cold, but London winter cold. We work outside all year round and recently we have noticed that the weather has turned and the temperature has plummeted. Uniqlo have an interesting solution, in the form of their new…

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