Alternative Valentines Day Graffiti Message

Wether you’ve spent hundreds on a champagne breakfast and a dozen red roses or you need to run to the petrol station on your way home from work valentines day is upon us, and let’s be honest, if you’re in a relationship it’s a bit of a chore.

It’s worse still for those of us who are single on the day invented to sell gaudy cards, teddy bears and chocolates – every shop front is designed to remind us just how sad and lonely we really are!

So here at Graffiti Life we’ve painted a wall for you lovely romantics in the hope that you’ll boycott this silly day next year.


It was worth a try.. If you’re still looking for valentines gift ideas look no further than The Graffiti Life Gallery, we have some beautiful prints, paintings and other affordable art that would make the street art fan in your life a very happy bunny.

And if you’re lonely in East London pop in, ask for Rosie or Spaps, they’ll give you a cheeky snog! Xxxx