We’re so excited to reveal this awesome mural, created in collaboration with Iconic British art jewellers Tatty Devine. It is part of a wider campaign to champion creativity and raise awareness of its current plight within the education system – a matter very close to our hearts. 

The number of students enrolling in creative subjects has fallen by 35% since 2010, despite the creative industries contributing more to the economy than ever before – over £100 billion in 2018*.

Tatty Devine believes that the next generation will not have first-hand experience of making and crafting, with all the benefits that brings, including basic skills, the sharing and communication of ideas, expression and happiness. They want to challenge this and bring attention to it through Make Your Future, in partnership with the Crafts Council.

Rosie Wolfenden MBE, Tatty Devine co-founder, said: ‘Working with the Crafts Council has shown us how schools are no longer necessarily equipped with the tools and craft skills to inspire future makers from an early age.

At Graffiti Life, we also have deep concerns in the way creativity is currently being undervalued. We started with a clear vision of promoting public art and creating opportunities for unknown artists, and are committed to pioneering the future of creativity. This is part of a series of murals we’ve created with Tatty Devine, the first of which was made in collaboration with a primary school in Hackney, giving a group of children first hand creative experience in the design process.

‘Most of us were actively discouraged from pursuing a creative career, and told that, ‘there’s no money in art’. In a climate where funding for The Arts is being universally cut, and yet the Creative Industry is the fastest growing economy in the UK, it’s never been more important to pioneer the future of creativity. Working with Tatty Devine and The Crafts Council to draw attention to the need for creativity in our education system is a career highlight for me.’ Iona Thomas, Graffiti Life Co-Founder


At the heart of the campaign Tatty Devine has created the Make Your Future collection  – thirteen pieces of wearable protest art to inspire creativity and empower creatives. Laser cut acrylic necklaces, brooches and earrings extoll the virtues of making through slogans such as, ‘Creativity for Joy’, ‘Craft Power’, ‘Maker’ and ‘Art is Life’.

For each purchase a donation of £1 will be given to the Crafts Council, to help fund their current programme which equips schools in the UK with the necessary tools and craft skills to inspire and up skill future makers.

Nicky Dewar, Head of Learning and Talent Development, Crafts Council, said: “We are asking the craft community, leading figures from the creative industries and the craft-loving public to take matters into their own hands and pledge a commitment to give young people an introduction to craft through our Make Your Future campaign. It can be big or small — from setting up a Craft Club at your school to offering a day’s work experience in your studio. By doing just a little bit extra, we can build a movement to support the makers of the future.”


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The mural can be found on Ebor Street, Shoreditch, until October 27th. 

To shop the collection, click here.

To hear Tatty Devine founders, Harriet Vine MBE and Rosie Wolfenden MBE on our Podcast, Creative Rebels, click here.


*Cultural Learning Alliance, from 2010 to 2018