Allover and Bridge & Tunnel support the Climate Strike with a rooftop plea to the World

On September 20th, millions of people around the world will participate in climate strikes across 120 countries demanding immediate action to tackle the climate crisis.

Alongside other leading creative agencies in the UK, marketing consultancy Bridge & Tunnel and our sister company; creative OOH specialists Allover, will be supporting the strikes by channeling their creativity into a Create and Strike activation.

The Create and Strike initiative calls on the creative industries to use their skills and resources to support the Global Climate Strike movement this Friday.


The call to arms was simple; Think big, work with others and do what you do best to create something with the power to travel the world.

The collaboration between Bridge & Tunnel and Allover has come to life through large scale street art visible from above and at street level. Emblazoned across a rooftop, beneath Shoreditch House, is the plea “Send help! Our World is on fire”, whilst hand painted flames with the message “will you stand by and watch the World burn?” will face people walking to and from Shoreditch High Street and Boxpark.

Farah Winning, Director at Bridge & Tunnel said; “As creative companies we are uniquely positioned to amplify the messages of others and with the resources and the experience to do so, there was only one choice but to do whatever we could to help young people of the UK be heard loud and clear. Doing nothing wasn’t an option, and despite our collective small size we like to do things big. Both Bridge & Tunnel and Allover share a prime location in the heart of Shoreditch so we wanted to use that opportunity and do something that would be noticed and hopefully spreads through social media and word of mouth”.

Iona Thomas, Managing Director at Allover said; “We have a responsibility to support the next generation of young people who have shown unwavering commitment to driving the climate change agenda. The Create and Strike initiative gave us a well deserved kick up the back side to make a difference by doing what we do best in support of a global cause. The more noise we can help create the better, so hopefully the people and businesses of Shoreditch will rally behind the cause.”

Both Bridge & Tunnel and Allover will be closed on Friday morning to join the climate strike in Trafalgar Square.

Following the September climate strikes Allover will re-paint the roof of the Huntington Estate with Airlite, pollution reducing paint.