Nipsey Hussle – Tribute Mural

Nipsey Hussle was a rapper, philanthropist and entrepreneur who was sadly killed on March 31st. I first discovered Nipsey via Gary Vee, a fellow entrepreneur who on several occasions advised Nipsey on his career. It always struck me that the rapper was hungry to learn. He had a growth mindset, admitted to his mistakes and worked on them. He was an inspiration to so many kids living in poor neighbourhoods, showing them that hard work and ‘hussle’ would help you escape certain societal trappings.

I decided to paint this mural as a tribute to the late rapper. Although we’re across the ocean in London I felt this mural was necessary to show the impact of not only his music but his mindset and work ethic too. Nipsey was the co-founder of Vector90, which he described as a “hood version of WeWork”, accessible to his community and helping young people of colour.