Giggs – Augmented Reality Mural

It’s not the first time we’ve painted a London skyline, but this one is different for a couple of reasons…

Firstly, it’s huge! Taking up the whole side of a two storey building on Redchurch Street, Shoreditch. It took 4 days and 144 cans of paint to complete.

Secondly, this mural comes to life!

Designed for the Island Records recording artist, Giggs, this mural has integrated AR technology. Scan the wall and you’ll activate a sequence of events that unfold on your phone. Inspired by his new album release, Big Bad, a giant Giggs stomps around the London scene, swarmed by tanks and helicopters.

We specialise in photorealistic murals, but it was great to see our work become even more realistic than usual! We worked with creative OOH agency, Allover, to make this project a reality.

“The possibilities with AR are growing rapidly, as is the popularity of this flexible technology”, said Iona Thomas, founder of Allover. “Our clients are always looking for innovative ways to bring a campaign to life, and AR definitely allows us to play with things that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.”

It also brings a new challenge for us, as painters, in that we need to make sure our work is extremely precise. It’s our painting that triggers the AR, so one stroke out of place, and the whole thing’s a flop! Luckily, we’re extremely good at painting 😉

Big Bad, the new album by Giggs is out now.