Hand Painted Advertisement for Johnnie Walker

We were excited to be asked to help with some hand painted billboards for our friends at Johnnie Walker as part of their latest advertising campaign.

More and more companies and brands are realising that hand painted advertising brings much more attention to a campaign than a simple poster. The art has been perfected over the years and our talented graffiti artists are able to replicate campaign images precisely whilst still preserving the soul and hand made feel of the work. It was great to be trusted by a brand as prestigious as Johnnie Walker, especially with such complex designs as were brought to the table on this project.

We chose to paint the advert across the four big panels of Shoreditch Art Wall and early on Saturday morning our artists readied their spraypaint, masking tape and other tools of the trade. We painted two huge whiskey bottles in a realistic style with liquid exploding behind them. It was challenging to get the artwork looking as real as possible but our client seemed happy with the results! The campaign promoted using ginger beer as a mixer and our painting encompassed the energy that combining these two flavours creates. We used our sign writing skills and steady hand to paint the text portions of the advertisement. This billboard painting remained in place for 2 weeks and was viewed by thousands due to the high footfall of this Shoreditch landmark.

Hand painted advertising is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and create a campaign that is as beautiful to look at as it is informative. We have the skills to make any imagery come to life, if you have any ideas get in touch and a friendly member of our team will talk you through the options.

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