Happy Valentines Day

The UK is freezing right now. The January blues have slid into February and most of us are feeling a bit grim. But, because we love you, we’ve been out painting again with the hopes of raising a smile or two.

In honour of Valentine’s Day, and in honour of just cheering everyone up a bit, we decided to paint a huge piece of Disney fan art on a wall in Shoreditch, East London.

Every year around this time we try to paint a little something to mark February 14th, this year we chose Lady and the Tramp, what a classic! Here’s a video of the piece coming together;

If spaghetti eating hounds aren’t your thing, here’s some work from previous years.



Giant ‘LOVE’ letters, marking the day with some simple typography.


Mickey getting surprised with a kiss from Minnie.

And one of our most popular pieces, the iconic choo-choo train from the Simpsons!

2018 is looking to be our biggest year to date. We’d love to work with you, so if you have an idea for a mural, let’s make it happen!