Hearthstone – Old Gods – Graffiti Mural

Do you remember World of Warcraft? If you have never played it yourself you probably know someone that has, well the video game franchise is still going strong and creating some pretty epic strategy games. The newest brain buster is titled ‘Hearthstone’, it’s pretty addictive and the good/ bad thing about it is that it’s available on smartphones, so you can get truly addicted and let it take over your life wherever you go, nice!

We put our phones down this weekend, for just long enough to bang out this hand painted advertisement for the new Hearthstone expansion pack.

Earlier in the week our client contacted us with an idea for this wall mural and we got busy coming up with the perfect solution. The site for the art was decided on as a huge 20 metre long wall on Shoreditch high street in East London, which is passed by thousands of people each day. The next step was to work out the perfect design for the space.

Luckily for us there is a wealth of rich and interesting imagery from the game that we could choose from. We considered ethereal wizards and ugly orcs, finally deciding upon an epic confrontation between a knight and.. well.. a massive alien tentacle monster with teeth for eyes, obviously. The long design suited our wall perfectly; it was almost made to measure! After buying up every can of purple spraypaint that we could get our hands on we got to work.


Four of our best graffiti artists got busy and spent two days creating the artwork. The weather wasn’t too bad and the locals even bought us cups of coffee as we progressed with the painting. We used a grid system to mark up the basic outline of the piece and then began layering in the details, paying particular attention to the texture of the alien thingy. The hashtag #oldgods in the top left corner kept this advertisement subtle, leading those that are interested to find out more on social media.

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