If you know anything about our creative team, it’s that we LOVE to travel! So we jumped at the opportunity to work with leading travel company, Kuoni, to help them bring their new offices to life. Kuoni offers expertise travel and holiday advice first hand, their whole team has a passion for travel and the willingness to explore.

Kuoni holidays don’t come off the shelf, they are tailor-made by our Personal Travel Experts. We’ll listen to what you want, then create a holiday that’s right for you and your budget. With our unique online expert finder, you can easily connect with a destination expert in your local Kuoni store. – Kuoni

Our creative team met on site with the travel company to see their workspace and discuss design ideas. As creatives, it is very important for us to understand the client’s vision and work together to create exciting, innovative artwork that meets their expectations whilst allowing our creative team to use their skills. Kuoni wanted artwork in multiple locations throughout their new offices. We realised this by approaching each space with a new, unique style, creating diversity and engaging pieces from room to room. It was a great partnership between two companies as the MD put his trust in our creative vision and allowed us to show him what we could do!  We put our heads together and came away with these designs…


For the stairwell, we used reclaimed floorboards to build a large bespoke, site-specific wooden canvas which we then painted in bold, abstract, colourful graphics depicting exotic travel iconography. Some elements of the artwork were painted dirctly onto the walls.


Kuoni has been awarded such an extensive list of travel awards that they didn’t have space to display them all in their trophy cabinet.  In order to get around this, we designed this ‘world map’ piece which is made up of text using the list of awards to build up the shape of each continent.


This timeline represents the history of Kuoni which was displayed over the curved wall in their office. 


Using examples of some interesting infographics as references, we worked together to design this informative text-based mural depicting the history of the company whilst keeping the artwork exciting and engaging. 


This is an example of some simple designs we can also offer.


This design was used on every floor of the building.

Working with Kuoni was such a great experience, through trial and error by working on different designs for the client has only improved the delivery of our design concepts. Each an every job entices us to perfect the delivery of our work in order to shorten the turnover between the clients initial ideas and the completion of our designs.