Graffiti life Create New Graffiti Artwork Live for Snow Queen Vodka

Our friends over at Snow Queen Vodka recently invited us to be part of their ‘Vodka jam’ party at a secret East London location.


We provided ten of the best graffiti artists on our roster to create stunning live art visuals on 10 massive canvases throughout the event. This was a great chance to showcase the talent and variety on offer from Graffiti Life artists, and we were really lucky to have been given a very open brief to just paint anything we wanted to, inspired by Snow Queen Vodka.


Our graffiti artists arrived and got set up before guests were let through the doors. There was lots of banter as the vodka shots started flowing and soon after so did the paint! Guests were ushered in and served hot food and vodka shots before making their way downstairs to the undercover area that had been taken over by our graffiti jam.


Some artists painted realistic interpretations of what they believed a Snow Queen would look like, some painted more stylised graffiti versions, and others played around with traditional graffiti typography. The guys from Snow Queen wanted a range of styles on display and we certainly didn’t disappoint as every canvas was completely different to the last.