Fu Manchu – A new themed social experience in SW4

It’s not often that we get asked to paint evil criminal genius however last week we were approached to graffiti a realistic portrait of the great Fu Manchu.

For those who don’t know, Fu Manchu is a fictional character who featured in a series of 20th century novels by British author Sax Rohmer, and like any great books they slowly were adapted for the big screen. However, the trend did not stop there, with Fu Manchu making appearances in many television and radio programmes, and also featuring in comic books and popular music.

Yet this particular Fu Manchu was painted for a new social experience based in the heart of the Clapham bar scene in SW4. Named after the infamous character, the bar is host to an Edwardian/Opium den themed restaurant, cocktail bar and nightclub which serves authentic homemade Dim Sum. With themed cocktails ranging from Mai Tai to more exotically named beverages such as ‘Kwang Su Boulevardier’ and ‘Lin Tang’s Szechuan Sling’ this bar is certainly not one to miss!

If you do venture down you will be met by our most amazing portrait of the Fu Manchu – who looks over the entrance to the establishment and eyes up everyone as they walk in. The portrait itself took one of our expert graffiti artists a day to complete and is featured on a classic train archway with a brick wall background. It is truly a fabulous addition to this themed bar.


If you would like to give your venue or establishment an added feature please get in touch with one of our team today.