‘LONDON’ – Gallery Launch Show

The British Street Art Scene is ever gaining momentum and our home-grown artists are consistently gaining global recognition as some of the key players within the scene. London is famed as the mecca of British street art, with the exciting, artistic playground of Shoreditch very much at the centre. The Graffiti Life Gallery is proud to play it’s part in this cutting-edge artist community, and to show some love for our favourite city, we’ve chosen a special selection of the UK’s most exciting graffiti artists to produce London inspired works for our newest exhibition ‘Graffiti Life Presents… London’

To celebrate the launch of ‘Graffiti Life Presents… London’ we put the word out that we’d be holding a private viewing of the exhibition the night before it was due to open. It was great to see so many people make their way down to the gallery for it, visitors snapped up some delicious ginger beer and whisky cocktails, provided by Auchentosan Whisky, and wandered around the gallery checking out the incredible artwork on display. It was a perfect way to end one of the hottest days in London this year!


Make sure to visit The Graffiti Life Gallery this month and take a look at the exhibiting artist’s alternative view of our city. The collection of works take the viewer a journey through some of London’s most recognisable places, as well as those we perhaps tend to overlook.

The Graffiti Life Gallery is open Monday – Friday 12pm – 4pm and Sunday 11am – 4pm. All artwork is available to purchase online, through our online shop, or in the gallery which is located at 26 Cheshire Street, London, E2 6EH