The crew from Topshop called our graffiti artists in to brighten up their back of house area at the new Westfield super shopping centre in  Stratford.

The creative manager told us “being a ‘store of the future’ we are wanting to make everything from our front to back of house as visually exciting as possible! We want a London graffiti artist to bring our walls to life”. Our brief was to paint ‘Stratford’ in “as many colours as possible” on the first wall in the staff area and a “artist doing graffiti” on a nearby smaller panel. When you hire an artist from Graffiti Life you get our perfectionism on every project, so we got busy designing something epic!

We painted cracks in the wall so the graffiti appeared to be jumping forward out of the wall. The staff were excited and kept popping back to check on our progress. By the time we were done the space had been transformed and the staff were overjoyed. The staff area is now a more vibrant and fun place for the Topshop crew to hang out.