Level 39 | Mural

We recently completed an exciting job with the equally exciting Level 39, an accelerator space that allows finance, retail and future cities technology companies to work together in developing cities and other urban areas. They invited our graffiti artists down to their recently developed, hi-tech offices in the iconic One Canada Square building in Canary Wharf. The guys at Level 39 requested office murals in three of the boardrooms and one in the common area, to create an artistic and quirky atmosphere that complimented the company’s youthful image.

Our artists were asked to create a skyline in the main common area that depicted the many renowned buildings in the district, but we took it one step further and decided it would be really cool to draw the skyline as it actually appeared around the building, kind of like an x-ray! The weapon of choice was the marker pen, which allowed our team to create a really detailed, yet animated design of the Canary Wharf skyline. The ‘Future Cities’ mural painted in one of the boardrooms was also drawn and detailed with marker pen, but was coloured and finished with spray paint; which proves a difficult task when colouring small spaces. The idea of this mural was to once again capture the city skyline, but this time with a more urban approach.


The second boardroom mural was the emblem of Eastminster. With inspiration taken from the classic Westminster emblem, our vision for this mural was to create an image that recognised East London’s classic heritage with it’s contemporary urban culture. Since this mural contained more symmetrical shapes and typographical fonts, marker pen was used for detail and shape, where spray paint was used for colour and texture. The last boardroom mural was one of tribute to Mr Steve Jobs, as no one really resembles development in computer technology better than he. Spray-painted in grey scale, this mural, like all of our realistic murals, required a lot of attention to detail, something of an in-house specialty!

For more information on how you could spruce up your offices with a little urban culture just drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!