The Star of Hackney Downs

This quirky venue in East London has recently undergone a massive overhaul. We were called in to take care of certain areas with some realistic wall murals.

Our graffiti artists worked closely alongside the interior designers on this project, working with their ideas and turning them into pieces of original art. With a loose circus / showgirl theme we painted four portraits in total; three inside the venue and one larger wall mural adorning the front of the building.

The mural located at the entrance of The Star of Hackney Downs on the front wall was the most challenging piece and took one of our graffiti artists two days to complete. The main focus of the piece was an extremely detailed and intricately painted retro style female character holding a fox. We used a scaffold tower to reach the top of the wall and over 30 spraycans in the making of this mural.

The interior walls presented their own challenges, as we needed to paint small detailed pieces within the door frames to be offset by the bold black and white surrounding patterns. Our graffiti artists chose unusual colour palettes for the showgirls and kept them looking sultry, beautiful and ever so slightly creepy! Our work completely complimented the general aesthetic of the venue, which has something new to discover around every corner.

If you have a blank wall or an empty space let us transform it. Graffiti Life artists are so versatile that if you can imagine it, we can paint it. Contact us today and let’s talk ideas!