Rock V Rap – Live Graffiti Battle at Cuckoo

At what other event would you see rockers and hip hop heads coming together in holy music matrimony other than Cuckoo Club’s Rock Vs Hip Hop night? It came back for round two following the success of the previous night and as always, Graffiti Life had their paint stained finger on the pulse of the London scene and were delighted to be invited along to paint a themed mural live for the event.

Cuckoo Club plays host to the more discerning of the late night London clique.  The club features 5000sq feet of decadent design spread over two floors and was recently restyled by the likes of 60’s fashion noble Barbara Halanicki of Biba, not to mention featuring in Vogue’s influential cool list.

As the first people were arriving, clad in their leathers and mullet wigs or bling’d up to excess, the Graffiti Life team armed with a suitcase full of paint  got to work on an outside 20ft X 8ft rock v hip hop themed mural celebrating the event to the eclectic sounds of The Cuckoo Club.

The divided theme continued with upstairs blasting out heavy rock through its speakers and the downstairs with hip hop beats. As the evening drew on guests of both musical orientations brushed shoulders outside to crowd round the Graffiti Life wall as the piece came to life before their very eyes. On the left was the powerful image of a rocker roaring into the microphone complete with a wild head banger worthy flock of hair set against a backdrop of flames, and on the right was an effortlessly cool hip hopper behind shades, arms flailing.

The piece really bought the night together and created a focal point of conversation as well as an impressive backdrop to have photos taken in front of. We had great fun and even squeezed in a bit of time to have a little dance ourselves….well, it would be rude not to.