The Graffiti Life Gallery | Berlin Pop-Up

The Graffiti Life Gallery, London’s most exciting hub for graffiti art, at the heart of London’s Street Art scene, presents Pop Up Berlin.

Founded by a collective of graffiti artists and creatives; The Graffiti Life Gallery is best known in London for exhibiting works the most talented emerging artists in the British Graffiti and Street Art world. Now, and for one week only, it is set to showcase its best talent at this unique Berlin pop-up, brought to you by Hostel World and Visit Britain. Expect to see an eclectic mix of artwork across all forms of street art, from spray-painted canvases and limited edition prints to mixed media on MDF. The exhibition will include works from the likes of Benjamin Badbones, Tors, Newso, Creeps, Gent48, Darren John, Curtis Hylton and Dirty30.

Be sure to make your way down to the launch party on the 26th of March, at Torstrasse 95, 10119 Berlin, you’ll get a first glimpse of the work, and catch some of the artists drawing live. |


Benjamin Badbones: Benjamin has been painting graffiti since 1999. His is one of the most versatile artists whose work has journeyed though themes of repetition, iconography and pop culture.

Curtis Hylton: Hylton’s work spans multiple mediums and he has adapted an abstract approach to the art of photorealism whilst also combining a modem twist to traditional cartoon illustrations.

Darren John : Much of Darren Johns work promotes off-kilter, character-driven concepts that combine a playful approach to colour with a burning enthusiasm for composition.

Dirty Thirty: Dirty Thirty is best known for his round and graphic trademark face. Over the past seven years he has exhibited his work extensively alongside world renowned artists.

Gent48 : Gent’s past works have combined elements of graffiti and illustration in mixed mediums, however in his most recent work he is pushing the limits of using purely spray paint to construct his pieces.

Newso : Newso’s use of angular shapes derives from his development of graffiti lettering and a fascination with geometrical abstract paintings. Newso utilises super clean painting techniques and is concerned with layering, depth and composition.

Tors: Over the past few decades Tors has developed a distinctive and respected style with colourful and highly original letter pieces. Whilst devoted to spray paint as a medium, Tors has started to exhibit some of his more intricate pen and paper observations.