Event entertainment is a difficult commodity to provide. Nowadays everyone wants to show their guests something different. The team at KI Europe wanted something outstanding that none of their guests would have seen before – they chose to hire a graffiti artist from the Graffiti Life Company to perform live markerpen street art at their product launch in central London. As well as live art performances we offer crowd participation, allowing everyone at your event to leave their mark!

Arriving guests were encouraged to sign the open graffiti wall and some people got extra creative (and realised marker pen graffiti is not as easy as it looks!). The open wall quickly began to fill up with signatures and doodles as our artists commenced their live street art performance over on the ‘showcase’ wall. We had just over an hour to create the artwork which was to be London themed. The walls we drew onto, that you see pictured we’re built on site by our team before the event and are the perfect solution to events that do not have a surface that can be marked.

As the piece started to come together a crowd formed around our artists, watching as London landmarks were quickly realised before them using only a steady hand and a marker pen. We topped the piece off with some bold graffiti letters to give it some urban magic! Here is what Nick Phillips, the brand manager at KI had to say about the event;

“The night was well received and all that attended loved Graffiti Life and their artwork. Thank you very much for your professionalism and talent displayed during this event. We would recommend Graffiti Life to anybody and will definitely use you again.