The FootLocker ‘Week of Greatness’ is upon us, and we are super proud to have been asked to help the brand with the graffiti section of the campaign. The Week of Greatness is all about facing challenges whilst producing something great, overcoming the odds in this campaign are a skateboarder, a free runner and, of course, a graffiti artist.



We were set a very ambitious brief by FootLocker; to paint blind..! This certainly would be a challenge, so we set about scheming how we could make this happen – painting something without seeing what we were doing, but still produce a cool image. The operation was a top secret, clandestine affair. We were picked up early one morning and dropped off at an ominous, abandoned factory. This was a pretty inspiring place, used in films and TV shows like ‘Luther’, it was the perfect urban setting for the stunt. It was freezing inside this old building but fortunately we were provided a bunch of garms by FootLocker to keep the cold at bay!

There was a lot of trial and error and a bunch of shooting and re-shooting certain shots, angles and other details. The crew involved in creating this short video was huge and shooting took a full day, it’s crazy to think how much goes into creating these commercials! We’re proud of what we were able to produce under these challenging circumstances. Watch the video to see the big reveal and get in touch if you have a challenge of your own; we love a good challenge.

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