Hand Painted Advertising for Sol Beer

Hand painted advertising has been enjoying a successful comeback recently with some open minded company’s opting for something a bit different. We are flying the flag for this lost art, as for us hand painted work is really important, we would much rather live in a world covered with beautiful wall murals than generic posters and it seems that we’re not alone..


Sol beer recently got in touch with us to talk about brightening up their area at the popular Street Food Festival ‘RedMarket’ in our home town of Shoreditch. They wanted something with a little more soul than a printed billboard or poster and wanted to see what was possible with hand painted advertising. The area we had to work with was at the back of the festival, in Sol beer’s funky beer garden area, complete with deck-chairs and a giant summer sandpit! We took a look at Sol’s branding and worked closely with them to produce a wall mural that encompassed their identity but also had a distinct street art feel to it. We used spraypaint to cover the area and wrapped the design around the uneven contours of the wall – another reason why hand painted wins out is that we can cover almost any surface! We incorporated stencil elements and created a collage effect to the artwork.



Our team of graffiti artists created the work over two days in the hot East London sunshine. Fortunately there were plenty of beers on hand provided by Sol that helped us finish the job! Our backdrop was a huge success and housed the area perfectly.


If you are interested in our hand painted advertising service then contact a member of our team of experts and we can discuss options with you. Let’s bring this lost art form back and create advertisements with soul, that are beautiful as well as functional.