Graffiti Artists team up with ‘The Real Banksy’

Footballs Pools teamed up with our graffiti artists to catch the ‘Real Banksy’ on film during their shoot to wish England good luck for the World Cup.

Their video shows an inconspicuous hooded graffiti artist ducking and diving past security, to break into Stoke City’s Britannia Stadium in . Once safe inside the stadium, the artist rolls out his stencils and armed himself with spray-paint before applying his artwork to the concrete wall inside the stadium grounds. The camera pans out to reveal the full artwork, a stencilled image of the iconic save from Pele in 1970… and the hooded graffiti artist pulls back his guise to reveal himself as Gordon Banks, the famed football player responsible for the save.

Gordon Banks needed a little technical help to re-create this artwork, so Football Pools got in touch with our graffiti artists to help him pull it off. Our graffiti artist posed as Gordon Banks ‘graffiti double’ by wearing a grey hoodie with his hood up when painting the mural on camera. Our artists thought it’d be a great idea to tag the mural ‘Banks, G’, similar to his namesake Banksy and suggested it to the on-site team. They loved the idea and decided to include it within the design…. It was a hit with the press who have since re-posted the video and written articles about this witty promotional video made by Football Pools to wish England good luck during the World Cup 2014.

If you need a mural painted as a backdrop for a photo-shoot or for filming, why not get in touch with our graffiti artists? We’re experience at working to tight deadlines, and can turn around artwork overnight…. You’d be surprised what we can do in a day!

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