Graffiti Life goes back to school…To Fulbridge Academy!

We are lucky to meet so many inspiring people on our travels, every day is different and we learn a lot from the diverse projects that we undertake. A recent visit to Fulbridge Academy in Peterborough has left a real impression on us and strengthened our belief in how important art really is and the impact it can have on others. We went in hoping to inspire a group of young people and came out totally inspired by them ourselves!

Fulbridge teaches young people that art and creativity are important, the school is like a wonderland and each corridor is themed and filled with sculptures and installations that wouldn’t look out of place in a Hollywood props department! As we walked through the school it was clear that pupils were learning through art, and having fun in the process.

We got started on our mural and many of the young students that we spoke to were not only fascinated with what we were doing but keen to learn about Graffiti Life. Several students asked us wether painting was our job, we replied that it was and told them a little bit about what we do. Hopefully we have inspired a new generation of professional artists!

The artwork for this mural consisted of 14 panels, each with a specific moment or famous figure from history. We started with the dinosaurs and worked through Vikings, Tudors and events like the plague and the fire of London, because kids love a gruesome tale.. We painted scenes from the world wars and towards the end of the piece the moon landing, ending with the celebration of the millennium. We hope that this piece will serve as a learning tool for the pupils for many years to come and we are so glad to have added to this school’s rich artistic surroundings.

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