Foster The People ‘Supermodel’ Graffiti Art Mural

Our graffiti artists Adam, Rosie and David have just finished up this huge advertising mural in Shoreditch for indie megastars ‘Foster The People’.

We spent a full day bringing colour to the huge wall in East London, with our interpretation of the album artwork for FTP’s new release ‘Supermodel’. The artwork lends itself well to street art, using bright colours and bold images. We painted a sea of cameras in the background of the piece and over that added some crazy long armed characters with intricate patterns painted onto them. In the middle of the mural sits a poem that lead singer Mark Foster wrote upon hearing the album back in full for the first time. In an interview with the Huffington Post he described the album art in detail;

“I’m really into the recycling of art, that one piece of art inspires another piece of art, which inspires another piece of art. I really like that idea. This record’s about consumption. This girl, this supermodel, is vomiting this poem that she consumed, that she couldn’t hold down. Vomiting this poem about consumption while photographers around her capturing that moment, consuming her, and then vomiting those photos out to the public. It’s this back and forth, this cycle.”

We had a lot of fun painting this wall mural and are really pleased with the results. Street art is an amazing way to connect with a huge audience and this mural has been seen across the world on social media. If you would like to collaborate with our professional graffiti artists on a piece of public art then get in touch.