Have you spotted one of these Banksy inspired Lego paintings?

The Lego Movie is one of the greatest pieces of cinema ever made. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but as kids of the 80s we had a lot of fun watching this epic animation about our favourite childhood toy.

It stands to reason that we were super excited to collaborate with the team from The Lego Movie to help promote the DVD launch of the film. Our graffiti artists designed a street art parody, featuring Emmet, the main character of The Lego Movie, in our version of the famous Banksy stencil depicting a girl and her heart shaped balloon. We placed the stencil in various sites across the country including at Birmingham Moor Street and London Paddington rail stations (with a little help from Chiltern Railways, who made sure that we weren’t arrested!)

We worked over night so that the pieces mysteriously appeared to commuters in the morning and the only clue was the hashtag #loveemmet beside the Lego Banksy artwork. Photos of the work have flooded social media and even got picked up by local press in London and Birmingham. Reading people’s comments it is clear that this little Lego man has been brightening people’s days, the word ‘awesome’ has been used a lot!

We love viral advertising like this, it’s so effective and such an easy way to engage people. We have the expertise and ideas to bring any campaign to life using street art and graffiti. Contact us today to discuss your ideas!