Graffiti Team Building with ASOS

There were smiles all round when ASOS linked up with us at Graffiti Life for their team building workshop held at the legendry Rag Factory, (Graffiti Life’s creative studio space in East London’s Brick Lane).

ASOS is the world’s online fashion destination home to over 850 labels and the guys from the ASOS HR department undoubtedly bought their own style and flair to the graffiti session. They spent the second part of their day of team exercises in the capable hands of our experts getting to grips with spray paint cans. The team of twenty split into groups of four each working with their own boards, fresh and ready to go. Each group was guided through the basics of graffiti art until they were confident enough to have a go themselves. The space quickly turned into what looked like a psychedelic 60’s club as the teams got acquainted with every colour of the rainbow in just about every shade.

Our workshops are structured to give the foundation skills of graffiti in a short amount of time. Each team came up with a motivational word which they then emblazoned on their team board such as Customer, Respectful, Passionate, Innovative and ASOS. Everyone really got involved and worked together to have fun and create their pieces.

Team building workshops are so worthwhile as it’s important to create a sense of unity and team dynamic when running a team for means of self-development, positive communication and to master the ability to work closely.  So what better way than calling our team for a Graffiti Life workshop? And we even put together a short video of the day for them to take away with them and treasure forever!