Palm Leaves On Parlours Wall

If you haven’t touched base with Shoreditch’s friendliest tattoo parlour then book yourself a trip and admire the exotic wall art on its exterior while you’re at it. Yet again our talented artist Sophie does what she does best and brings another piece to life. This time we’re cooling down under palm trees plucked from Sophie’s travels in the tropics.

Parlour is known for its detailed and intricate tattoo designs for those looking for something a little more unique. Palm trees and leafy inspired tattoos have been in such high demand that we couldn’t resist making our collaboration with Parlour Tattoo relevant to what’s hot right now. Having previously worked with them before on a Henri Fantin Latour inspired flower piece, we have evolved our new piece into an evolution of these plants into something a little more modern and exotic. 

We spoke to Sophie and her inspiration behind her creation

What inspired you to paint such a detailed vibrant piece?

“As palm leaves, plants and flowers have been so popular for tattoos recently, we wanted to offer a piece to Parlour that was relevant to their studio designs. It was also such a great brief for me because I love painting all things nature.”

Did you come across any challenges?

“I didn’t actually, I really enjoyed this piece as it’s the kind of thing I really love to paint!”

How did you go about designing the final piece?

“I did a lot of research which involved finding lots of images that I liked different elements from and putting them together on photoshop. I cut out my favourite parts and merged them all together to create the final image. I then played around with the layout and altered the colourings for the leaves, finishing by adding a pretty pink fade for the background. I then copy exactly what I have designed onto the feature wall.”

If you’re in the area, make sure you head down to our feature wall on Curtain Road, Shoreditch and snap a picture of you between the trees! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with your best shot! @graffiti_life