Live Graffiti Art for Revlon at Colourworld UK

Colourworld UK is an annual hair dressing event, attended by the leading names and brands in the industry. Revlon is a big supporter of the event and stole the show this week. We helped them do it!
We love creating live art, it’s one of our favourite services that we offer. It’s great to be in front of a crowd, interacting with people from different walks of life and getting feedback on our artwork. This gig was a challenging one, Revlon said they wanted us to create portraits of different models throughout the event. We had just an hour to create each piece live in front of Colourworld UK visitors, using pens, brushes and spraypaint.


In addition to the portraits some of our expert graffiti artists were invited to paint onto some huge shipping containers that were in the yard of the venue in East London, dressing the venue and themeing the event. Due to the corrugated surface we kept the design for this piece simple, with a colour fade, tye dye background and the Revlon Live Gallery text over the top. Also part of the set dressing was a portrait that we painted for the event, beforehand. The piece was simple and in greyscale, with subtle colours in the hair of the model.
We arrived early to begin painting the shipping containers before guests arrived for the two day event, so that by the time guests arrived there would already be some work in progress. It was a beautiful day and whilst we painted in the sun we realised that we really do have the best job in the world!

After the doors were open we started interacting with guests whilst they posed for photos with our work. We met some really cool people, we even painted onto one of the stylist’s outfit for the day! Hair models came to us at regular intervals and we quickly sketched their likeness onto small canvasses live as guests watched on. The event was a huge success and we were gad to have been a part of the proceedings. Hopefully we’ll be back next year, to go even bigger and better!

Live art entertainment is the perfect way to give your event an edge. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.