Festive window display in Snow Spray!

So Christmas has crept up on us, how did that happen? All of a sudden we’re getting festive requests and realising that we had better start shopping for presents!

If we weren’t yet in the mood this project certainly helped our Christmas cheer as we created a bespoke window display for the team at Asda.

The ‘Taste London’ Festival held their winter edition of the event at the Tobacco Dock venue in East London and lots of different brands set up stalls creating a ‘winter wonderland’ for visitors over four days of amazing food, wine and other such goodness. Asda decided they wanted to create something a bit different within their section so called our street artists in to help. As experts in most aerosol based craft materials we tried our hand at using Snow Spray, and the results were intriguing! After testing the snow spray and finding out how unpredictable it was we decided that we would cut stencils to crate the best results and designed and cut an intricate Christmas cabin surrounded by snow capped trees. We created a number of different stencils and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle, given that the windows we were working on were split into panels. Once we got the hang of using this new medium we started to realise some of the cool things we can create, it’s nice to have a new string to our bow!

We were really pleased with the results and we’re looking forward to doing more with snow spray in the future. If you have any ideas, get in touch. Snow spray can make any window display look Christmassy and inviting!