Motivational Mural for Nicoll Curtin Recruitment

Motivation comes in many different forms. If you are like us, we will go to various platforms to look for some motivation, digging around for hours on our computer screens. Seems a little counter-productive right? So one of our clients took it upon themselves to motivate their staff by creating a large marker pen mural to inspire and spur on their team every time they look up from their desks.

When first approached we were asked to create a motivational mural based around the staff, ethos and business of the company. We were also shown the wall – a large blank canvas at the end of the office in the kitchen area, which could be seen not only by the staff at all times but every client that stepped through the door. Therefore we knew we needed to create a piece of art that not only encompassed the company but was also a piece of art which would start up conversation.

Due to our mural having to be multi-functional and incorporate a lot of information we decided to opt for our marker pen style murals which would allow us to fit more in the mural. Marker pen allows our artists to control the content of smaller spaces better making it perfect for this project.

In addition to the vast amount of information and imagery they wanted to include in the mural, they also wanted to display their company moto. Due to the high density of content we were able to use negative space to create the wording. Therefore we placed objects in a particular pattern to form the letters. This also gave the piece the striking effect that Nicoll Curtin Recruitment was looking for.