SAIL | Street Art in London Presents ‘Superheroes’

This April, The Graffiti Life Gallery unveiled their latest exhibition as part of their bi-monthly SAIL | Street Art in London series. ‘SAIL featuring Superheroes’ pays homages to the caped crusaders, double-lives and out of this world super-powers that have inspired generations of us for many years.

From the founding days of MARVEL comics in 1939, Superheroes stand in our society as an idealised representation of our everyday heroes. Comic books gave life to a world where our firemen could walk through flames and the police fought off bad guys with Batarangs. Such imagination generated a widespread following and an ever growing fan base. This was amplified when the movie industry took the attractive aspect of superheroes and began plastering our screens with fictional figures. Inevitably graphic art and bright, bold comic strips made their way into the fast changing art scene of the mid 60’s. Kings of a new contemporary art movement, Roy Lichtenstein and big named Andy Warhol drew influence from comic art…

… The appreciation for Superheroes still stands today. Our graffiti artists have been hard at work, painting their favourite superheroes with their own graffiti twist. We were chuffed to see the opening night of the exhibition heaving with excited comic book fans and First Thursday gallery goers!

From spray-paint to glitter, the resident graffiti artists at the Graffiti Life Gallery have dazzled us with their latest release of never-seen-before works. Make sure to check out the artwork… either view it online, or pop by the gallery to see it in person. Expect to see the likes of Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Batman, Orko, Sandman, Iron Man and many more adorning the walls of our gallery, which is located just off Brick Lane.