Interior Mural for Warner Music HQ

Back in January 2014 our Graffiti Artists were approached to complete a very special project for major record label, Warner Music. A uniquely ambitious creative design brief was constructed to reflect the creativity of the people who work at Warner music.

Creating concepts and designs which were site specific and unique the brand, our Graffiti Artists were asked to design and paint three massive murals which were to feature in each of the three main areas of the building including the canteen, the secret artist’s entrance and corridor and a huge brick façade in the reception area.

After an intense yet inspiring year-long creative design process, Warner Music signed off  the final designs and gave the go-ahead to our  Graffiti Artists who were keen to pick up the spray-paint and make their visions a reality. Beginning with the largest mural of them all, a huge 7m by 11m brick wall façade, our artists used an indoor scissor lift and spray-paint to create a life-sized Zeppelin. The Zeppelin was painted in a realistic style and was made to look as if it was bursting through the wall. It was one of the most difficult walls we’ve created due to the sheer size of the mural and the fact it was painted directly onto an uneven, exposed brick wall.

Moving onto the next phase of the project, our graffiti artists used markerpens to create a 3m x 7m ‘Logo Wall’ in the canteen area. Featuring the Warner Music, Atlantic Records and Parlophone logos, this mural was created on a textured surface and took two artist one day to complete. Our artists had to synchronise with builders on this one as renovation works were happening at the same time. We can safely say we were never without a cuppa tea!

One of the most exciting areas our graffiti artists painted was the Artist Entrance and Corridor – a bit like a secret tunnel that music artists use access the building whilst avoiding the paparazzi. Graffiti Life artists had a lot of creative freedom on this one – our artists were told to go wild by ‘doodling’ fun characters and random objects across this series of large walls. The mural took five of our best graffiti artists three days to complete, with the finished mural revealing a fantastically intricate design which included logos of the Music Artists associated with the Warner Music record label, alongside various objects referencing their songs. The mural completely transformed this space and staff even told our artists that they couldn’t believe it was even the same space!

It was great working on this project and we’re chuffed that Warner Music and Woods Bagot are so happy with the results… We hope the Music Artists love the artwork too! (You never know, we might just inspire the next great album!)

Graffiti Life have tonnes of experience painting murals for corporate clients and smaller companies, so if this post has whet your appetite for an office re-vamp featuring one of our murals, get in touch with one of our project managers who will be able to assist you with your enquiry.