Graffiti Life Paint Something Strange In The New Buzzfeed UK Offices!

Buzzfeed is an online news site that has been taking over the internet for the last few years. They act as a fishing net for cool and interesting content, trawling the web for a catch, so that you don’t have to. Their success has meant quick expansion, and today the UK team moves into their brand new London office.

Rebecca, the team’s office manager got in touch recently, with a challenge for us. She had been given the task of beautifying the space, and once the trendy furniture and desks were in place there was something missing.. The walls were bare.

We worked up some designs, based on Rebecca’s specifications and added some biscuit based punnery. The walls we were going to be getting our hands on were within four of the office’s meeting rooms, each named after a famous biscuit.

We love our job, painting on walls is the best, and getting presented with a brief like this one puts the icing on the cake (or biscuit). Two of our expert graffiti artists got creative in the four meeting rooms, keeping the designs simple and un-cluttered, and transforming the blank walls. Each space now has it’s own personality and will be unveiled to the staff today (this project was top secret). The next time You read a Buzzfeed article just imagine the writer finding inspiration whilst staring a one of our bourbons!

If you have a blank space that needs our special touch then contact us today, we can paint anything, and bring your walls to life.