Martini “Begin Desire” Graffiti Murals

Ciao! So this past December our team have been busy jet-setting over to Italy, after being invited to take part in the Martini “Begin Desire” Campaign, thanks to creative agency Mr President. This success has come after the team’s positive outcome from a stencilled advert we did for them back in November in our local town of Shoreditch.

The aim of Martini’s “Begin Desire” Campaign (released Feb 2015!)  is to target a new generation of drinkers with a global cross-media campaign, incorporating outdoor, social media, digital, television and public relations. Therefore Graffiti Life were called upon to re-create Martin’s new branded artwork and crest in a ‘deconstructed’ style on an external wall of the Martini factory, in Turin, Italy.

Our Graffiti Artists, had to battle the Italian winter sun as they only had one day to create the piece. Therefore to save precious time our artists pre-cut stencils here in London, and then applied them to the wall in Italy by spray paint. To finish the piece off, and reinforce the campaign message, the team then hand painted inspirational quotes from Martini’s social media feeds in a variety of mediums including marker pen, paint brushes and ink.

Overall the job was an absolute success – and our artists thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Italy. Yet again this shows us the power of hand painted advertising: being a perfect way to stand out from the crowd and reconnect a brand with audiences.

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