Dim T | Wall Mural

FUSHION Design and Architecture, the interior designers for the famous dim sum eatery, ‘Dim T’, asked our graffiti artists to create a series of murals to feature on the main walls within their busiest London Branch! With breath-taking views of London’s Iconic Tower Bridge, guests are invited to relax and take in the scenery whilst enjoying Cantonese delicacies served in small steamer baskets.

Now eating-in is ever more an experience with our series of oriental themed paintings! Our graffiti artists used spray-paint to create three large murals directly onto the textured slate wall within the restaurant. Relax down-stairs with views of an oriental sun-umbrella floating amongst the autumn leaves, or head upstairs to see our hand-painted Pagoda adorned with festive lanterns…. But make sure you don’t miss our retro 1940’s styled portrait on the wall above the stairs on your way up!

The logistics of creating a series of realistic-styled graffiti murals on an uneven textured surface proved challenging… Luckily, our graffiti artists love pushing the boundaries of spray-painting and graffiti art! Three of our best graffiti artists worked throughout the night to transform these grey stone walls into a series of vibrant oriental inspired scenes.

Spray-paint is such a versatile medium; it can be used to create classic graffiti lettering pieces all the way through to imitation oil paintings and realistic portraiture. If you’re in need of a hand-painted mural, why not ask our graffiti artists? We can spruce up your blank walls in no time!

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