Live Art for Qualcomm Snapdragon

The ‘snapdragon’ is a new, powerful processor developed by tech company Qualcomm.

We were invited to an exclusive event in central London to help showcase this new technology’s capabilities. Our graffiti artists got to work on three speed painting performances on canvases at the event for press and technology experts and were filmed in full HD / 4K video by a tablet using the new snapdragon processor.

The painting process was shown on a monitor set up beside the artists. We had to be quick, with just an hour and a half allotted for each painting our graffiti artists quickly created highly detailed images on canvas using spraypaint. This served to demonstrate the product and our painting technique simultaneously. Our subject matter was taken from promotional material from Qualcomm, including the Snapdragon character and the Qualcomm logo, hidden within a human eye.

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