Live Art Piece at Leisure and Fitness Show Birmingham NEC

One of the best things about being professional graffiti artists is the variety in our day to day work. Different projects take us all over the place, meeting new people and setting us new challenges. Recently we found ourselves on a train to Birmingham to create a live art piece for ‘Life Fitness’ at their exhibition stand at the Leisure and Fitness trade show at the NEC.

Our graffiti artists had just a few hours to create the work, whilst live workouts went on around us. Life Fitness were previewing their new ‘BlueSky’ equipment and so we made this focal to the design. We used the four main colours of the brand’s focus products within the design and drew scenes and graphics that were key to the event.

Our artwork emphasised getting outside to keep fit, as the BlueSky is an outdoor product. Our live art skills attracted passing visitors wanting to see what we were up to and it wasn’t long before a crowd had assembled around us and stand staff were able to interact with them.

Live art is a sure fire way to captivate the public and draw attention to a particular product or message that you wish to promote. Our authentic artwork can be tailored to suit any event and our pro graffiti artists are experts at creating bespoke pieces in any time frame provided, from 15 minutes performances to day / week long works. We give exhibition stands at any event something fun and interactive to inspire your visitors.

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