A Graffiti Workshop with AMEX

Our Graffiti Artists joined forces with the team from American Express to teach them a few tricks of the trade, spray-painting directly onto an outdoor wall in Shoreditch for their team-building day out!

The guys from Amex took a special trip to our gallery in Shoreditch to check out the artwork on display, taking some artistic inspiration before creating their own artwork during their graffiti team building workshop. Our graffiti artists held the workshop nearby the gallery, in an undercover archway full of authentic graffiti murals. The artists taught the group the basics of spray-painting, how to draw a line a circle and a square, before proceeding onto the more complex techniques such as fades and drop shadows. This creative bunch got hands on and were fast to pick up some key spray-painting techniques.

Spray-can in hand, the team were eager to make their own make on the wall and worked together during the final half of the workshop to create their own team mural. In a true graffiti style the group painted directly onto the public facing outdoor wall, utilising their newly learnt skills to re-create a graffiti version of their Amex logo. The team filled their logo with lots of patterns and colours which made the piece really stand out. Our graffiti artists were thrilled with the result!

If you’re looking to hold a team-building activity for your office, why not get in touch? Graffiti Team-Building is a great way to release creative energy, creating something visually striking the whole office can be proud of.

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