Here at Graffiti Life, we’re spreading our festive cheer the best way we know how. With our annual Christmas time graffiti mural, dedicated to you; our followers and friends!

A few months ago we painted a giant image of Bart Simpson on one of our walls in East London. The piece became quite the tourist attraction and local landmark, and we would often overhear references to ‘the Bart Simpson wall’. We chose this wall specifically as the site for our Christmas mural and if you watch the time-lapse video you’ll see why…!


The video of our work being painted will give some insight into how we work and we think it looks pretty cool as the old image is covered and the new work is revealed. We think public art is important and with our new gallery thriving just off of Brick Lane we rely on the support of all of you to keep doing what we do.This wall is our way of saying thank you for supporting us, hopefully you will continue to do so into next year, we couldn’t do it without you!

If you’re thinking of getting a wall mural for your office or advertising campaign then get in contact to chat ideas!