Exterior Mural | Uniqlo X Graffiti Life

So last week we told you about our partnership with Uniqlo, we’ve since thoroughly put their Heattech range to the test whilst painting a large wall mural in Shoreditch, East London. Uniqlo wanted people that frequently work outside to try their products and have also worked with Pizza Pilgrims, The Pothole Gardener and Fixed Gear London on other outdoor events.

Three of our graffiti artists got kitted up in Uniqlo garms and took to the icy London streets. It was a really cold day so the conditions were perfect in which to road test the new clothing. We were really impressed with how warm the Heattech kept us for a full day of painting and although we couldn’t stop the rain downpours at least we were toasty!

Uniqlo staff were on hand and gave away lots of free Heattech samples to the public that came down on the day, whilst we got busy painting. Uniqlo wanted us to somehow reference the cold within our design so we went for a winter scene, with snow capped mountains surrounding a giant wolf. For a bit of a twist our artists painted the sky as a galaxy, complete with asteroids and planets.

We’re proud to have an ongoing relationship with the brand and if you see us out and about from now on, we’ll most likely be wearing something Uniqlo. This campaign has been a great way to draw attention to the new range and is a form of subtle advertising that is different and engaging. If you would like to work on something similar, contact us today!