A bespoke skyline for Serv Corp

The beauty of the world’s most famous skyline simply cannot be denied. From Sanghai to New York every cosmopolitan cityscape is just as impressive as the next.

With buildings reaching new heights each year (the current tallest building in the world being Dubai’s Burj Khalifa coming in at 2,722ft/829.8m) these buildings are a feet of engineering and no two skylines are a like. Each city skyline is also highly recognisable, a reason why news and sports programmes, television shows and movies often display the skyline of a city to set a location. This is also the reason we recently got invited to paint a bespoke skyline over at Serv Corp’s new serviced offices in Green Park, London.

Serv Corp provide shared offices, executive suites and meeting rooms across the globe, featuring in many of the most amazing locations and cities, in some of the most sort after buildings and skyscrapers. Therefore they wanted our artists at Graffiti Life to create a skyline that featured these buildings – generating a completely bespoke and unique skyline which directly linked to their business.

This mural now features in the centre of their new offices, taking pride of place in their hot desking area. Not only is the skyline a striking piece but it also showcases their offices to their clients and illustrates what a global brand they have become.

If you think a mural would brighten up your office and convey your business’s attributes please get in touch today. Also ask our team about our video options and receive a feature film such as this to share with the whole of your company.