The Jam Tree – Interior Mural

The Jam Tree is a gastro pub and bar in the heart of Clapham, South London. The interior is decked out with all manor of curiosities, including reclaimed furniture, pop art and vintage Beatles memorabilia. The owner of the venue asked us to create some statement pieces in areas around the bar to create some extra interest.

One area that needed our magic touch was a long corridor leading to the garden. The owner explained that as this area was so narrow he had not been able to hang any art or interesting items. Our first task was to create something for this area that would turn the walk to the garden from a boring stroll to something all together more exciting. Picking up on the Beatles theme we decided to paint scenes from the ‘Yellow Submarine’ animated movie, leading patrons down the long corridor with floating fingers from the film. We kept this artwork very bright and airy, in keeping with the original cartoon and making the space a lot more open and inviting.

The second piece we painted was a realistic portrait of the Beatles in the main foyer of the bar. As reference material we used photos of the band taken during the shoot for the Sgt. Peppers album cover. With a vibrant yellow background this is now a centrepiece of the Jam Tree and has become a talking point for the visitors. This piece took 3 artists a day to complete using just spraypaint.

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