Retro Gaming Mural

Here in the Graffiti Life offices we love a spot of retro gaming. In fact we are quite a fan of anything retro, but particularly gaming. There is just such an awesome and unique feel to the imagery that modern games hardly touch on. I’m sure all you fellow retro gamers out there understand (wink wink) – whether you were into your Nintendo or Sega, Mario or Sonic – I think everyone will really enjoy our most recent project: this retro gaming mural.

Often people come to us, not quite sure on what they want to decorate their homes with – but know they would like a graffiti artist to produce something truly unique and bespoke. The main issue we seem to face is that they would like the artwork to transcend time, especially if the graffiti mural is to be the main focus of a child or teenagers bedroom. Therefore when we were offered these blank wardrobes to work on for two (not so little) boys, we turned to the past for inspiration…

It hasn’t been too long since they left the popular culture of our youth – but retro toys, games and style has been creeping back into fashion almost constantly since the noughties. This has happened on such a regular basis that now these retro games have become ultimate classics – and consequently timeless: making these retro gaming figures such a great creative starting point.

The wardrobes themselves were custom built for the house and so we needed to draw onto the laminated surface. Due to this surface we couldn’t use regular pens or ink and decided to use the most durable and hard wearing product we know of in the industry. However this proved a challenge – as we these material there is no “undo” button or way of wiping a mistake away. Because of this we sent our very best and most steady-handed graffiti artists down to the job – and what an incredible result!

Whether you’re interested in brightening up your home or would like to treat the kids by redecorating their room get in touch with our creative team today!