Rackspace invited us back!

For those who read our blog a few weeks ago, you may remember a large marker pen job we completed for Rackspace. Well the team over in their offices liked it so much, that they invited us back to theme the second floor of their building too !

On the second floor Rackspace continued the ‘British’ theme however this time focused on James Bond. Here we were given creative freedom on the walls, having to create a design that fitted our client brief.

The first two walls were to display Rackspace’s six company values which proved our first challenge as they needed to be kept in line with the James Bond theme. Our designers scratched their heads and dove into the James bond archives to find the old decorative book covers, original published by Penguin. We took these as inspiration and styled the company values in a similar format. Once designed our talented hand painters took to the wall and painted these with a combination of skills including stencil and brush techniques.
Moving on to the next bespoke piece, we again took a classic James Bond piece of imagery and gave it a twist. The gun barrel scene (which I am sure every generation knows!) is the signature device featured in nearly every Bond film. Shot from the point of an assassin, it features 007 walking, turning and then shooting, causing blood to run down the screen. However, due to the mural being featured in the floors kitchen and tea point area with thought it would be more apt if Bond was carry a cuppa instead! The mural was completed with spray paint and marker pen to give it the clean finish that you see here.

Other murals feature Odd Job comically throwing his hat into the cloak room, on to a coat stand. Alongside additional comic smaller murals such as a martini glass in the kitchen, bullet holes and small parachuting James Bonds around the office floor.

If you have an office that you need jazzing up then please get in touch today!