The Graffiti Life Gallery’s ‘End of Summer Show’

From the UK to Australia The Graffiti Life Gallery is now exhibiting new works from four of our favourite young emerging graffiti artists …CURTIS HYLTON, G87, KROOKS and SWERFK. The ‘End of Summer Show’ holds a selection of work in a variety of mediums, from light installations and spray-painted typography pieces on heavy wooden boards, to vibrant water-colours and intricate graphite drawings on paper.

The Graffiti Life Gallery held a private viewing of the new exhibition last week; opening their doors till late for the First Thursday of the month. We had loads of fun at the private view and were excited to see both new and old faces make their way down to the gallery to celebrate the launch of the new exhibition with a delicious ginger beer and whisky cocktail, supplied by Aushantoshan Whisky.

Curtis Hylton (UK) Curtis is an artist living and working in the South of England. His work spans multiple mediums and he has adapted an abstract approach to the art of photorealism whilst also combining a modem twist to traditional cartoon illustrations. These works have been translated onto walls of both galleries and external walls nationwide.

G87 (UK) G87” is a contemporary artist who specialises in 3D Geometric pattern forms in many different medias. From a Graffiti based background, G87” was known for his bright and colourful clouds but has turned his hands to paper folding 3D prints and Geometric interior insulations. He still manages to get out and about painting big colourful shapes in the streets over the UK and in abandoned buildings. The artist comments; “I love building up the layers and finding different ways of creating an image that can be viewed in different ways from different angles”.

Krooks (UK) A practising artist & image maker based in London, Krooks is somewhere between graffiti writing and hand rendered typography aiming to produce super-styling letter forms whether it be on walls, wood or anything else.

Swerfk (AU) Hailing from Canberra and currently based in Melbourne, Swerfk creates works with textured inners and clean outers. Growing up tracing ‘Loony Toons’ from his television and developing a love for 80’s and early 90’s cartoons, Swerfk often builds scenes of “nonsense packed with little details”. Citing John K and Robert Crumb as inspirations, his work oozes an energetic funk that never fails to awaken a refreshing sense of nostalgia.

The Graffiti Life Gallery is proud to be a part of First Thursdays, with the gallery opening till late everything first Thursday of the month. Exhibitions change monthly and special events are held regularly, so make sure to sign up to the gallery mailing list and keep updated with the latest news and event information.

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