Graffiti Life Best 10 of 2017

Another year is in the books and it’s time for us to reflect back on an amazing year of projects.

Our team grew this year as we took on a new apprentice, who has adapted to using a spray can with amazing speed and skill. We have worked with some local communities as well as a bunch of big brands and have worked on some challenging briefs that have pushed the limits of what’s possible with a spraycan.

In 2017 we worked on some large scale outdoor murals, some cool indoor office refurbs, promotional graffiti for various brands and experiences/ workshops with a huge range of different people. It’s always hard to narrow this list down each year, but in no particular order, here is our favourite 10..


Bicester Village

Bicester Village was an awesome client for us in 2017. We worked on several different spaces within the huge retail park, creating colourful interruptions and transforming various street furniture. The team at Bicester were awesome to work with as they were so open minded and let us run with their ideas. Our murals added an extra dimension.



L’Oreal launched ‘Colorista’ in 2017, a new range of colourful hair products.  We performed live art at their London launch event and ran a graffiti experience for 50 famous make-up bloggers and YouTubers.

WWE 2K18

We were stoked to paint a promotional piece for 2K Sports, advertising their latest WWE video game. We painted the front cover featuring a portrait of Seth Rollins. We were lucky enough to be invited to attend the opening party and meet some of the wrestlers!


NYM Railway

We were proud to be invited to paint this piece for the North Yorkshire Moors Railway at the beginning of the year. We braved the cold to paint this mural to commemorate the voyage of the Royal Scot steam train.



We did a bunch of in-store customisation for Kiehls in 2017. Working in different locations for the brand across the country we would personalise products for customers with quick graffiti. Here are some pictures of our run this Christmas, in Manchester and London.


The Space

We painted both an interior and exterior mural for The Space in Shoreditch, so maybe it’s cheating to include both in our top ten, but I love them so I don’t care! The interior portrait is an abstract colourful piece that brings some life to the reception area and the exterior graffiti is a beautiful montage of flowers on the balcony, that can be seen from the street.




One of our biggest projects of the year was for the International Cricket Council (ICC). We created giant, life-sized, comic book billboards depicting the story of prior cricket wars between famous teams. The activity was scheduled around key matches, with billboards being installed in London, Birmingham and Cardiff. At the final between India and Pakistan, in London, the three billboards were displayed along with new artwork for the final. We’re really proud of the results.



Deliveroo moved into their swanky new London office. We decorated their walls. Everything was kept on brand, and it was more subtle than a lot of our interior graffiti, but it shows that handpainted branding always looks smart.


Britain’s Next Top Model

We were invited to provide live art entertainment for the season premiere of Britain’s Next Top Model 2017. We also created art work that was used in the show. It was a great experience and very cool to meet members of the cast and crew.


Better Extreme

We round out the year with a piece that is included for it’s sheer size, the biggest wall we’ve painted to date! The image is relatively simple compared to some of the designs we have painted, but on a 30 metre wall everything is that much trickier to get right! This was for ‘Better Extreme’ a giant trampoline park.