Graffiti Life Artists Take Over Westfield’s Art Week

Westfield see themselves as more than just a shopping centre and their most recent campaign ‘We are LDN Summer’ set out to provide visitors to their London centres a unique shopping experience.

Thinking outside of the norm, Westfield planned surprise acts and pop up shows covering music, fashion, dance, food and art throughout the summer. We were invited to be the key feature of Westfield’s ‘Art Week’ and put together a plan to provide some ‘artistic relief’, every day of the week, to patrons in both East and West London Westfield malls.

We rocked some live marker pen art walls, including elements of either East or West London into our designs, depending where we were based. One of the best things about live art is the different characters that you meet during the work, our graffiti artists got to talk to a bunch of people and even took on board some ideas on how the art pieces should progress. We also gave away some graffiti name tags to lucky shoppers. Hundreds of people queued up at our space and went home with their name customised in a graffiti style. This was so popular with the crowds and again was a great chance for our artists to interact with the public whilst making their art.

We had a lot of fun during art week and commend Westfield for their creative thinking and willingness to provide their customers with something entertaining, it’s a lot more than you get in most malls, that’s for sure! Graffiti and street art can be used in many forms to provide entertainment and engagement for crowds of all ages. If you’d like to discuss ideas about how live art can help your event then get in contact.