Boris Johnson Unveils our Graffiti Mural!

We at Graffiti Life are extremely proud of our latest masterpiece at the recently opened state of the art Fire training facility in Beckton.

This multi-million pound training centre for London fire-fighters marks the biggest modernisation of fire-fighting in the capital over the last century. The team behind the centre wanted every detail of the building to be impressive and contacted us to ask if our graffiti artists would like to get involved by creating a giant wall mural for their main hall.

We worked closely with the team to finalise a design and felt it was important to pay homage to London’s fihght-fighting past, whilst also looking to its future. Our graffiti artists considered hundreds of dynamic images of brave London fire-fighters through the years, settling on two photos that encapsulated the energy we were looking for. We placed the two figures against the backdrop of a London graffiti skyline and began the process of working out the logistics of painting such a large wall mural.

After rigorously running through all health and safety considerations we were given a tour of the centre. There was an area to train the recruits to find survivors beneath huge blocks of concrete, in a collapsed building simulation and units that are set on fire, reaching temperatures of 700°. It was all pretty incredible, and to have all of this going on around us whilst we painted was quite surreal.

Three graffiti artists spent two days putting this painting together. The wall mural is over 10 metres high and took over 100 cans of spraypaint to complete. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson officially opened the site yesterday and we got to have a quick chat with the famous politician. Boris said that London needs more murals like this and we agree! This is one of our favourite pieces of work to date, check out the pictures and if you have a wall that needs our graffiti artists special touch then contact us today!

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