British Themed Murals For Rackspace

Here at Graffiti Life we have been asked to decorate and liven up many office spaces with something in line with a theme. So when Rackspace Inc. asked us to theme a floor of their brand new office with British subject matter we jumped at the chance to get a little creative.

Rackspace is an American based cloud computing company who manages web hosting for businesses such as Dominos, Karma Loop, Ripcurl and Amazon. With humble beginnings, starting out in a shed, ran by best friends, Rackspace had grown and now has offices across the globe.

The first level of Rackspace’s new offices had been themed around the UK, which gave our graffiti artists a great base to build some creative ideas. The first challenge was to incorporate the companies love for Nerf guns into a mural, to create a shooting range. Our artists came together and thought it would be fantastic to give the Racker’s something to aim at; therefore created a college of everything that was quintessentially British. From boiled eggs, Live Aid, black cabs and bull dogs our graffiti artists crammed everything they could into the mural, which they completed with marker pens. In addition to this our graffiti artists also covered parts of the mural with Velcro, ensuring the Nerf Darts stuck to their intended target.

Other murals on this floor included a classic skyline, looking out over central London, highlighting specific iconic buildings such as The Gerkin, The Shard, Walkie Talkie and Cheesegrater. Again this was completed in a day using marker pen.

Lastly to give this floor something a little extra our artists added a few additional pieces including a swan, a parachuting Beefeater and a drawing of Downing Street fit for a mouse.

If you have an theme you would like to base your offices around then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our Project Managers, to see how we can aid your creativity!