Graffiti Life, Harry Potter & Tattoos

It’s busy times at Graffiti Life HQ and lots of different projects on the go. Here’s another mini update for you all of a couple of recent bits…

Time Warner

It’s not the first time that we’ve been called into the offices of Time Warner in central London and it probably won’t be the last. Those guys are becoming quite the collectors of our hand painted artwork! We got a call recently that there was a new wall in their office that needed our attention.

harry potter graffiti

One of the best things about working for Time Warner is the rich subject matter to choose from. We have painted a Bugs Bunny wall, a number of Tom and Jerry walls and even a Game of Thrones themed wall. This time around we had some cool Harry Potter art to work with. This design was a lot of fun to paint, making sure we nailed all of the intricate details in the buildings and the shimmering light on the water. Two of our artists started either end of the wall and met in the middle, which the staff found pretty incredible!

A Tribe Called Quest

We’ve created many hand painted billboards for music acts, but this one was pretty special as it was for the legendary hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest. The aim of this piece wasn’t to sell anything in particular, just an effort by the record label to raise awareness of the group. We painted this piece in the signature red and green tiger stripe pattern, which is universally recognised by rap fans. The piece was framed by various hits of the group, songs like ‘Can I Kick It?’ and ‘Bonita Applebum’. Despite painting this in the pouring rain, we’re happy with the result!



Parlour – Tattoo Studio

Parlour is a new East London Tattoo Studio and we were invited to paint the side wall of their shop on Curtain Road in East London. Because Parlour is a different kind of tattoo studio (less of a daunting experience to the newly inked) we stayed away from ‘typical’ tattoo imagery; no skulls or sailors to be found! We painted some beautiful flowers in a Dutch masters style. Sure, I’m biased, but this piece looks absolutely incredible. In the flesh you can see all the fine layers of detail, and all created with cans of spraypaint!


If you have some grand ideas that can only be realised by one of our talented graffiti artists then get in touch today. Our project managers will guide you through every step of the project, from initial design to amazing masterpiece!